How It Works


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The relationship between a designer and client gets pretty personal.  I’ll see inside your closet and bathroom, I’ll see the stacked files, shoes, and junk drawers that you hide from most of your guests.  So, it’s best if we meet before working together to see if we’ll be comfortable taking this journey together.


Fee Structure

My design fee consists of a simple hourly rate of $150, plus 10% of the net furnishings budget (the amount for furnishings after my designer trade discount has been applied). Once we have a contract, a $1000 retainer allows us to get started.



I’ll come to your home for an hour free-of-charge and you show me around.  I’m interested in what you’re happy with, and what are you looking to change.  I’ll try to get a sense of your style, and the style you’re looking to develop.